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Come on down and visit the farm on Bogard’s 2019 VBS, Farm Fresh Faith! Everyone learns God’s faithfulness to Joseph, and His faithfulness to us too.
Joseph’s life story – his dreams, obedience, patience, confidence, and provision – in Genesis chapters 37 to 45 are the key Scriptures for this VBS. The five daily lessons highlight God is faithful:
– to keep His promises.
– to give us the strength to obey Him.
– to have a plan for me in His time.
– never to forget us.
– to care for me.

Theme Verse: Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.
Psalm 36:5 (KJV).

Ages: preK-6th grade
Cost: Free
June 25-27 5:30-8pm
June 28 5:30-8 (8-9:30 farm fun & hayride)

Hosted by Marion Baptist Church and Savannah Baptist at
312 W Wetz St

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